Building Automation Systems

Bringing You the Benefits of Automation

We partner with you to develop a control system strategy which helps to reduce your building’s energy use and maintenance costs, while at the same time making your system easier to operate.

Whether your building is old or new, building automation can help you increase its operational efficiency. By implementing the appropriate control devices, you can regulate the major systems in your building such as HVAC, lighting, alarms and security. This type of automation can:

  • Minimize equipment runtime and energy usage
  • Coordinate systems operation with building use
  • Activate systems appropriately as part of building safety
  • Establish remote system access via a standard web browser
  • Allow email and text message alarms and notifications
  • Provide valuable insight into energy usage, to identify opportunities for improvement

Our Building Automation experts install open systems, which allow the integration of many different system types and manufacturers’ controls. The result is a single, seamless and easy-to-use graphical interface.

Building Automation Systems from Honeywell®

Honeywell’s comprehensive HVAC controls and automation system is powered by Tridium’s Niagara Framework, an industry leader. The system provides the ultimate flexibility in building controls and features:

  • Secure Web Access
  • Single User Interface
  • Real-Time Communication